The QuestBoard is the main smart contract of Warden Quest. This smart contract lists all the past and active Quests, allows to create Quest and increase Quest parameters, calculates Quest efficiency percentage at the end of each period, and transfers the correct amount of rewards to be distributed to the Distributor smart contract.



Struct holding the parameters of the Quest common for all periods

struct Quest { // Address of the Quest creator (caller of createQuest() method) address creator; // Address of the ERC20 used for rewards address rewardToken; // Address of the target Gauge address gauge; // Total number of periods for the Quest uint48 duration; // Timestamp where the 1st QuestPeriod starts uint48 periodStart; // Total amount of rewards paid for this Quest // If changes were made to the parameters of this Quest, this will account // any added reward amounts uint256 totalRewardAmount; }


Struct for a Period of a Quest

struct QuestPeriod { // Total reward amount that can be distributed for that period uint256 rewardAmountPerPeriod; // Amount of reward for each vote (for 1 veCRV) uint256 rewardPerVote; // Tartget Bias for the Gauge uint256 objectiveVotes; // Amount of reward to distribute, at period closing uint256 rewardAmountDistributed; // Amount not distributed, for Quest creator to redeem uint256 withdrawableAmount; // Timestamp of the Period start uint48 periodStart; // Current state of the Period PeriodState currentState; }

With PeriodState is the enum:


All Periods are ACTIVE at creation since the voters from past periods are also accounted for the future period

Periods: timestamp => start of a week, used as a voting period in the Curve GaugeController though the timestamp / WEEK * WEEK logic.

Storage mappings & variables


All Quests (indexed by ID)

mapping(uint256 => Quest) public quests;


Timestamp periods the Quest is active in

mapping(uint256 => uint48[]) public questPeriods;


Mapping of all QuestPeriod struct for each period of each Quest

QuestID => period => QuestPeriod

mapping(uint256 => mapping(uint256 => QuestPeriod)) public periodsByQuest;


All the Quests active during this period

mapping(uint256 => uint256[]) public questsByPeriod;


Mapping of Distributors used by each Quest to send rewards

mapping(uint256 => address) public questDistributors;


Whitelisted tokens that can be used as reward tokens

mapping(address => bool) public whitelistedTokens;


Minimum rewardPerVote per token (to avoid spam creation of useless Quest)

mapping(address => uint256) public minRewardPerVotePerToken;


Platform fees ratio (in BPS)

uint256 public platformFee = 500;


Minimum Objective required

uint256 public minObjective;


Address of the Chest to receive platform fees

address public questChest;


Address of the reward Distributor contract

address public distributor;

Read only methods


Returns the current Period for the contract

function getCurrentPeriod() public view returns(uint256)


Returns the list of all Quest IDs active on a given period

function getQuestIdsForPeriod(uint256 period) external view returns(uint256[] memory)


Returns all periods for a Quest

function getAllPeriodsForQuestId(uint256 questId) external view returns(uint48[] memory)


Returns all QuestPeriod of a given Quest

function getAllQuestPeriodsForQuestId(uint256 questId) external view returns(QuestPeriod[] memory)

User state-changing functions


Creates a new Quest

function createQuest( address gauge, address rewardToken, uint48 duration, uint256 objective, uint256 rewardPerVote, uint256 totalRewardAmount, uint256 feeAmount ) external returns(uint256)


  • gauge Address of the Gauge targeted by the Quest

  • rewardToken Address of the reward token

  • duration Duration (in number of periods) of the Quest

  • objective Target bias to reach (equivalent to amount of veCRV in wei to reach)

  • rewardPerVote Amount of reward per veCRV (in wei)

  • totalRewardAmount Total amount of rewards for the whole Quest (in wei)

  • feeAmount Platform fees amount (in wei)

Returns: uint256 : ID of the newly created Quest


Increases the duration of a Quest

function increaseQuestDuration( uint256 questID, uint48 addedDuration, uint256 addedRewardAmount, uint256 feeAmount ) external


  • questID ID of the Quest

  • addedDuration Number of period to add

  • addedRewardAmount Amount of reward to add for the new periods (in wei)

  • feeAmount Platform fees amount (in wei)


Increases the reward per votes for a Quest

function increaseQuestReward( uint256 questID, uint256 newRewardPerVote, uint256 addedRewardAmount, uint256 feeAmount ) external


  • questID ID of the Quest

  • newRewardPerVote New amount of reward per veCRV (in wei)

  • addedRewardAmount Amount of rewards to add (in wei)

  • feeAmount Platform fees amount (in wei)


Increases the target bias/veCRV amount to reach on the Gauge

function increaseQuestObjective( uint256 questID, uint256 newObjective, uint256 addedRewardAmount, uint256 feeAmount ) external


  • questID ID of the Quest

  • newObjective New target bias to reach (equivalent to amount of veCRV in wei to reach)

  • addedRewardAmount Amount of rewards to add (in wei)

  • feeAmount Platform fees amount (in wei)


Withdraw all undistributed rewards from Closed Quest Periods

function withdrawUnusedRewards(uint256 questID, address recipient) external

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