Through the UI

Registering as a Seller

(The guide is in veCRV but is the same for all ecosystems)

After connecting your Ethereum wallet to the dApp you'll first see the dashboard page with an overview of your Curve assets, deposits (if the pool uses veBoost) and your gauge vote weights.

veCRV Pricing

After you 1) Approve the use of your veCRV then 2) Register your veCRV on the Warden market you'll be able to configure your Seller Settings. At anytime you can undo the process by hovering over the two checked statuses. This might be useful if you want to temporarily unregister your veCRV from the market while keeping approval. When you first register you'll be opted into the advised price set by the DAO. This price is optimized for a healthy dynamic in the Boost market and will be adjusted accordingly. All changes will be applied automatically for sellers who are opted in. If you'd prefer to set your own price just uncheck the box and set your price.

Boost Delegation Price

Opt into automated advised pricing or set your own rate.

Delegation Allowance

Warden allows for granular control over your veCRV balance. You decide how little of your balance a buyer must take in a deal with the "Minimum Buy" option. Setting the "Balance Limit" will determine how much of your veCRV balance can get sold on the market, saving the rest for your own positions if needed. "Maximum duration" determines how long buyers can buy your boost. For example: Let's say you set your minimum buy to 20%, your balance limit to 80% and your max boost duration to 52 weeks. That means buyer A who wants to sweep all your boosts can at most borrow 80% of your veBoost for 1 year. Once you configure your offer confirm with the "Update" button. You'll always see your default parameters as the ones you set them as.

Registration Limit

If you'd like your veCRV to be on the market for a set duration you can plan a date for your balance to be unregistered.

Active Delegations

Back in the dashboard you can monitor your balance and see how much is being utilized by the market. You'll also see your cumulative CRV profits with the option to claim them at anytime.

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