Protocol Overview

Paladin Lending is a decentralized, non-custodial governance lending protocol where users can either loan the voting power in their governance token, or borrow some voting power.

Depositors stake governance tokens or derivatives that grant voting power in exchange for yield, while borrowers can leverage their voting power to gain more influence temporarily. You can find the code here :

Quick overview video:


Independent pools where the underlying governance token is deposited in exchange for PalTokens, and allows users to borrow governance power.


ERC20 tokens representing your deposit in a PalPool as well as the yield earned.


Contracts are created by PalPools to hold the governance power borrowed by the user. A PalLoan is a Clone of one of the Delegator contracts, depending on the token to delegate. Each PalLoan is represented by a PalLoanToken.


ERC721 tokens representing the ownership of a PalLoan. As any ERC721 token, PalLoanTokens can be transferred to change the owner of a PalLoan.


Updatable delegation logic for a specific Governance token.


Contract listing all deployed PalPools & PalTokens and checking their current status. It is also handling the Paladin Liquidity Mining system

Interest Module

Calculations of Utilization Rate, Borrow Rate & Supply Rate for Pools

Address Registry

Contract to fetch the address of the different PalPools, PalTokens (ERC20), the Controller & the PalLoanToken (ERC721)

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