Create a Pledge

Step-by-Step guide for creating your Pledge

  1. Confirm Whitelisting: Reach out to the Paladin team to confirm the whitelisting of your chosen reward token.

  2. Creating Your Pledge: Navigate to the creation form from the main page to initiate the Pledge setup process.

  3. Input Parameters: Fill in the following parameters in the creation form:

    • The address to which you wish to add boosting power.

    • The total amount of veBoost required for that address (current balance + received boosts)

    • Choose a reward token for your Pledge.

    • Set the amount of reward per veBoost.

    • Select an end date for your Pledge.

Once these are confirmed you’re all set. Below are other things to note about the Pledge process.

Flexible Closure Option: You have the freedom to close your Pledge at any time before its expiration. This allows you to withdraw all undistributed rewards allocated to the Pledge.

Pledge Expiration: If you do not close the Pledge manually, it will naturally expire after the specified duration. At this point, delegators will no longer be able to delegate or receive rewards from it, and you, as the creator, will be able to retrieve all undistributed rewards.

Warden Boost Calculator: To determine how much veBoost balance is required to achieve a desired multiplier, you can make use of the Warden boost calculator.

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