Token voting will be essential for coordinating around topics such as managing protocol parameters, allocating treasury funds, initializing partnership programs, etc.

At the moment, governance voting will be conducted through the Paladin Snapshot Space.

To create a proposal in the Space, 5% of circulating PAL delegated to your address is required. Quorum is at 15% circulating supply.

There are several types of governance Proposal :

  1. Paladin Upgrade Requests (PURe) for addition of new dApps to be managed by the DAO or large modification of the Paladin codebase ;

  2. Paladin Constitution Modification (PCM) to any proposal needing a Constitution change, these will need a heavier quorum (20% or circulating supply right now) ;

  3. Paladin Governance Proposal (PGP) for the other proposals, concerning treasury allocation, parameter change, partnerships...

How to make a Proposal :

1. Share the idea with the community in Discord and gather feedback and support.

2. Make a formal Proposal on the Forum for more discussion and visibility.

3. Create the Proposal on Snapshot once you have the required number of PALs delegated to you.

4. Let the vote begin

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