Introducing a flexible way to buy and sell Boosts

Pledge offers a compelling alternative to the traditional Warden market, enabling buyers and sellers to engage in a more dynamic manner. With Pledge, buyers can present fixed-reward offers, which sellers can promptly secure by pledging their veBoost. The reward amount is determined by the Pledge creator's reward per vote and the delegated veBoost amount, factoring in the gradual decrease in delegation over the boost time. For instance, if Bob delegates 100 veBoost for a 2-week period, the delegated amount will reduce to 50 after 1 week and eventually reach 0 at the end of the 2 weeks.

To create a Pledge creators simply need to specify 1) the total desired veBoost amount, 2) the reward value per veBoost, and 3) the intended end date. Token holders who delegate their boosting power to a Pledge will have their boosting power returned either on the Pledge's end date or an earlier date, based on their preference.

Please take note that veBoost balances do not update automatically during the Pledge process. Creators are responsible for manually updating their checkpoints to ensure their balance is accurately up-to-date.

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