Delegating veBoosts

Boost Your Earnings by Delegating to a Pledge

Delegating to a Pledge presents an exciting opportunity for users to increase their revenue on veToken by selling their unused boosting power. You have the flexibility to delegate a portion or all of your available boosting balance to a Pledge.

Here's how it works:

  1. Review the Pledge: Before proceeding with delegation, carefully review the Pledge details.

  2. Delegation Percentage: Enter the percentage of your boosting balance that you wish to delegate to the Pledge. As you do so, you'll see an estimation of the rewards you'll receive upon delegation.

  3. Secure Instant Rewards: Once you delegate, the rewards are instantly secured, as a delegated veBoost balance cannot be canceled. The pledged boosting power will only be returned to your balance at the agreed-upon end date.

  4. Set the End Date: Choose the date on which you want your delegation to conclude. This can be done after confirming the details of your Pledge.

  5. Confirm the Transaction: Once you've reviewed and agreed upon the terms, confirm the transaction to initiate the delegation process.

  6. Enjoy Your Rewards: Sit back and enjoy the additional rewards earned from your delegated veBoost.

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