Fixed Quests

Offer voters predictable APR

Fixed Quests are the same as the original Quests in V1. If you know how much you want to reward per vote you can cap your rewards when your vote target is reached. This is the straightforward way to offer a specific APR to voters. Now there are also Reward rollover abilities to automate more of your strategy.

1. Fill the Quest’s basic info

2. Select which voters you want to target

2a. Optionally you can blacklist or whitelist specific voters

3. Set your Quest’s budget and the APR you want to offer

  1. Your budget is distributed across the Numbers of weeks you choose

  2. Select Fixed reward type

  3. Price your Reward per vote. The $ per vote is displayed.

  4. Choose your Reward rollover option

With this done you can create your Quest for the voting period. For expert advice on budgeting or liquidity management, please consult the Paladin team.

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