Depositing stkAAVE

A Dullahan depositor can earn multiple streams of revenue. By depositing with stkAVVE or AAVE, which is automatically staked for stkAAVE, the user receives a share token of the vault called dstkAAVE. As the vault's yield increases, dstkAAVE balances will rebase and grow accordingly. However, if dstkAAVE remains unstaked, it will only generate yield from auto-compounded safety module rewards. To benefit from the full APR, users must stake their dstkAAVE tokens, which will enable them to receive GHO renting fees and any other future rewards.

Depositing into Dullahan

  1. Access the Deposit Tab: Begin by navigating to the deposit tab within the Dullahan interface.

  2. Key Vault Information: On the deposit page, you'll encounter the main deposit card. This card provides crucial insights into the vault's performance and details about your deposit.

  3. Select Deposit Type: Choose between depositing stkAAVE or AAVE tokens. Remember that all withdrawals will be made in stkAAVE.

  4. Deposit Amount: Input the desired amount you wish to deposit.

  5. Approve and Deposit: Once you've entered the deposit amount, approve the transaction. The deposit and stake are executed seamlessly in a single process.

  6. Staking and Unstaking: The process of staking and unstaking is equally straightforward. Navigate through the respective tabs to initiate these actions.

Furthermore, your GHO yield can be claimed with ease on the designated "Claim" page. This ensures that you reap the rewards of your staking efforts efficiently.

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