Voting for Quests

Earning rewards for your Gauge Vote

CVX, AURA and LIQ voters can delegate their vote to Paladin's Auto voter for automated rewards. More info here.

All active Quests can be found on the Dashboard. If a Quest is not at 100% progress then eligible voters can still join and capture incentives. The Quest board displays the essential information about the incentives to allow you to quickly decide if you'd like to vote. All the detailed information related to the incentives can be found on the More info page.

The basic info includes:

  • The gauge's pool name

  • The Quest's progress and how many votes are needed

  • The reward type

    • Fixed: The token reward per vote won't change

    • Ranged: There's an initial max APR that dilutes to a min APR depending on the votes received

  • The Quest's duration

  • The eligible voters who can receive incentives when voting for the Quest

If there is a shield icon on the Quest then permissions are active and some voters won't be eligible for the rewards. To check if you're able to join the Quest go to the More info page and check the blocked addresses.

How to join a Quest and earn rewards

If you are eligible to join a Quest and it's not full, simply select the vote button on the Quest and complete your vote transaction on your respective protocol.

veCRV, veBAL and veLIT Voters

To vote for the Quest, you must make sure your voting power is available and that previous votes are removed from their gauges (there's a 10 day cool down between each vote).

Voters can split their votes, and vote for multiple Gauges (and get rewards from multiple Quests) at once, by setting a smaller weight for each Gauge (ex: to vote for 2 Gauges, you can set 50% Vote Weight for each Gauge). Or you can set your gauge vote to 100%.

Once you vote on a Quest your vote is set to the gauge for each new weekly period, until you reset it. That means you only need to vote on a Quest once to secure your position and receive rewards during the total duration.

vlCVX, vlAURA and vlLIQ Voters

To earn rewards from Quest you can delegate to Paladin, or vote manually on the Convex or Aura Snapshot space. When voting manually, you can distribute your voting weight across gauges. Rewards from Quests are always proportional to the share of voting power you set to the gauge.

Once you vote you're done ✅

Rewards will be available the following Thursday. More info here.

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