Through Smart Contracts

  1. On the VotingEscrowDelegation (BoostV2) contract, set the Warden contract as Operator by approving the MAX_UINT256 for the Warden contract through the approve() method.

  2. Register your BoostOffer on Warden using the register() method, setting up your desired price, le minimum size of Boost that can taken from your balance, and the maximum percent of your balance that can be used to create Boost (more info).

  3. Your BoostOffer is now registered, and Buyers can buy Boosts from your Offer. At any time, you can update the parameters of your offer through the updateOffer() method, or just change pricing parameters through updateOfferPrice().

  4. When your veCRV is emitting Boosts through Warden, fees paid in CRV will start to accrue on Warden. You can see the amount of CRV accrued through the claimable() method, and can be claimed through the claim() method.

  5. And to remove your BoostOffer from the market, call the quit() method.

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