Boost Market

Boost Sellers

Warden is a new type of non-custodial market based on the veBoost system, allowing veToken holders to place offers for veBoost on their balance, while still having their veToken available for Gauge Weights votes and DAO votes. Also, when no veBoost is bought based on your balance, the owner keeps the balance as a personal boost.

To participate in the Boost market a veToken holder must give approval to the Warden contract to create VeBoosts on their balance then set the following parameters:

  • Pricing (in the native token)

  • The minimum and maximum values of how much of the balance can be used for offers (if the maximum is set at 50%, only half of the balance is available to create veBoosts, the rest can be used by the owner)

  • Optional: a registration limit that if set will remove your balance from the market at the requested date

For more info on how to create a BoostOffer, refer to this guide.

Boost Buyers

Warden then allow LPs to buy a veBoost (paying the fees in the native token), and try to maximize their Gauge multipliers to increase the yield on their provided liquidity, with or without having any of the veToken themselves.

For more info on how to buy a Boost, refer to this guide.

Additional veBoost info

Through the Curve ecosystem, the veCRV token (for VotingEscrowCRV) holds multiple utilities. One of them is to boost the user balances in the Liquidity Gauges, to increase the CRV they can receive through the distribution, up to a 2.5 multiplier (for more info, see Boosting in Curve docs).

Then came the veBoost, allowing veCRV holders to delegate a part (or the total) of their veCRV boost, as a NFT, allowing the receiver of the Boost to get an increased veCRV boost of Gauge CRV distribution (for more infos, see the veBoost doc).

The veBoost is not used on all Curve Gauges. Currently, the system is used on all Factory Pool & Gauges, and all the new Curve Pool using the LiquidityGaugeV4 contract.

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