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Creating a Quest

Choosing your Quest type
Whether you want to quickly offer vote incentives or execute a long-term strategy, Quests can be configured to fit all of your needs.
V2 offers two Quest types: Fixed and Ranged. Simply, if you’re aiming for a specific target of votes with a predictable APR choose Fixed. If you want to aggressively meet your core targets with a higher APR and then reduce your rate for additional votes choose Ranged.
Learn more on the features page. Step by step guides can be found below.
A reminder about voting periods
With Quest, set up rewards before or during a vote. Here's the standard timeline for voters,
Weekly Voting:
Curve, Balancer, and Bunni: Open weekly, ending at 0:00 UTC every Thursday.
Bi-Weekly Voting:
Convex, Aura, and Liquis: Start on Thursdays at approximately 02:00 UTC and end at 00:00 UTC the following Tuesday.

Step by step guides

How to create a Fixed Quest (predictable APR)

How to create a Ranged Quest (flexible APR)

If it isn't already, your reward token will need to be whitelisted.