Creating a Quest

Before trying to create a Quest, make sure the reward token you wish to use is whitelisted, and that the Gauge you wish to set rewards for is correctly listed in the ecosystem’s Gauge Controller.

To create a Quest, go to the Create Quest page on Warden, and fill out the creation form.

The following parameters are needed to create a Quest

  • Gauge to be incentivized

  • The desired target amount of gauge votes

  • The duration of the Quest, in weekly periods

  • The reward token for voters (the ERC20 must be whitelisted)

  • The reward amount per 1 vote

Using these parameters, the total amount of rewards for a period are calculated (objective * reward per vote), and based on that amount, the total amount of rewards for the Quest (duration * amount for period). The total amount of rewards for the Quest is paid at the creation of the Quest. There is a 4% fee.

Targeting Voters

With Quest you can also target a specific group of voters from the selection in the creation form. You can additionally blacklist any number of individual addresses from claiming incentives from the Quest.

After creating a Quest

Creators can modify a Quest while it’s live in their admin page. However, you can only increase parameters. They are:

  • Increase the objective

  • Increase the amount of reward per vote

  • Increase the Quest duration

The changes are applied for the next period of the Quest (the next week).

Creators can also recover all unused rewards after each period is closed.

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