Warden Quest offers a unique approach to acquire gauge votes for Curve, Balancer, Bunni and any other compatible veToken protocol, via the veToken layer as well as vlToken layer built on top of them.

Most incentives platforms can only allow buyers to offer an arbitrary amount of rewards to influence voters. Buyers can easily overpay this way, and voters are also always at the risk of getting diluted by other voters. Instead, Quest allows buyers to fix the rate of rewards per vote.

This way, a Quest creator can target a specific amount of votes while voters have the benefit of knowing exactly how much rewards they could earn before joining a Quest. With V2, creators can also now specify a range of incentives per vote they wish to pay, setting up a minimum and maximum amount of votes. Creators can also target specific groups of voters and also blacklist any address from rewards.

There are no fees for voters on Quest. Quest creators pay a low creation fee for setting up incentives.

vlCVX, vlAURA and vlLIQ holders can delegate to Paladin for optimized voting across all incentives platforms. Delegating is not mandatory. You can vote yourself to receive incentives.

(Note: to be eligible for the latest round’s rewards, you have to be locked and delegated before the snapshot proposal starts.)

To understand more about how Quest determines rewards for voters read Reward Distribution.

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