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How to supply liquidity to Paladin and receive $PAL rewards

As decided through PURe 1, 1,000,000 $PAL (2% of Total Supply) are gonna be distributed over 3 months to depositors & borrowers of the Paladin Protocol.

Supply Rewards

750,000 $PAL are set as Supply Rewards, with a distribution of 250,000 $PAL each month. Each PalPool has its own Distribution Speed (as decided in PURe 1), representing the share of the rewards the PalPool will distribute to its suppliers.

In order to be eligible to receive those rewards, suppliers will need to stake their PalTokens into the Paladin Controller. Below are the steps to supply and to start accruing rewards :

  1. Go to and deposit governance tokens in a PalPool (You can also Zap from ETH & DAI to deposit in the PalPool).

2. Then go to the Dashboard ( to see your deposit and your PalToken balance.

3. By clicking on your Deposit, you will open a modal allowing you to Stake your PalToken. By doing so, you will stake your token in the Paladin Controller and start accruing $PAL rewards.

4. Your $PAL rewards will start to accrue and you can see them displayed on your Dashboard. To claim them, use the 'Claim' button.

Borrow Rewards

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