The hPAL token includes a Delegation logic. This allows any hPAL holder to delegate their voting rights to an address, either to their own address, or another address.

Delegation can only be given to one address at a time, and will delegate all of your voting power. In no case does Delegation give another control over your hPAL tokens, it only transfers the original voting power to the chosen address.

A Delegate is a representative of multiple holders amongst the Paladin DAO. Each holder who transfers voting power places their trust in the Delegate, expecting that they will make the best decisions on behalf of holders and the Paladin protocol.

Choosing a Delegate is not definitive. Holders can change the address that receives their delegation at any time.

How to Delegate

Delegation can be done by interacting directly with the hPAL token contract, or via the Delegation Portal.

On the Delegation Portal, users have an overview of their hPAL balance and their hPAL voting power, with options to either boost a Delegate in the displayed list, or to self-delegate and participate in hPAL Governance themselves.

How to become a Delegate

The Paladin core team is supportive of anyone from any background to participate as a Delegate. It's an efficient way to coordinate with trusted individuals who have the support of holders and way to share more responsibilities with the community as the Protocol continues to progressively decentralize control and development of the Protocol.

Anyone can become a Delegate, by following those simple steps:

  1. Introduce yourself through the Paladin Governance Forum, in the Delegate's Introduction section

  2. Start your campaign to gather delegation (through the Discord, Twitter, ...)

  3. Become a proactive Delegate !

  4. Reach out to a team member if you have any questions

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