Reward Distribution

Rewards for voting in a Quest are calculated and distributed on a weekly basis. For each period, the amount of rewards for a Quest voter is calculated based on the amount of rewards for each vote, set at the creation of the Quest, and the user's voting balance at the start of that period. In the case of a Ranged Quest, the reward per vote is based on the amount of vote received for the period.

(Note: as veCRV, veBAL & veLIT balances decrease over time, the rewards a user could receive for voting for a Quest will naturally decrease if the vote-escrowed lock is not updated).

Since Quests have an objective target of votes (or a minimal objective and a maximal objective), only the votes that fill that amount (or the range) are counted for the reward distribution. For example, if the maximum objective is 1 million votes, and the gauge receives 1.2 millions, only the first 1 million are rewarded. Votes are sorted from the oldest still active vote to the newest, prioritizing votes that are loyal to the gauge.

In the Curve, Balancer and Bunni voting systems, the vote of a user is counted every period as long as it is not changed, so voters can vote for the gauge during the 1st period of a Quest, and be rewarded every period after without having to recast their vote.

In case the minimum objective of the Quest is not reached at the end of the period, only the active amount of votes signalled to the gauge is used to calculate distribution, and the rest of the rewards can be withdrawn by the Quest creator or rolled over based on the system chosen by the Quest creator.

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