Protocol Overview

You can find the code here :​
Below, you will find a brief description and link of all the functions currently used in Paladin :


Independent pools where the underlying governance token is deposited in exchange for PalTokens, and allows users to borrow governance power.


ERC20 tokens representing your deposit in a PalPool as well as the yield earned.


Contracts are created by PalPools to hold the governance power borrowed by the user. A PalLoan is a Clone of one of the Delegator contracts, depending on the token to delegate. Each PalLoan is represented by a PalLoanToken.


ERC721 tokens representing the ownership of a PalLoan. As any ERC721 token, PalLoanTokens can be transferred to change the owner of a PalLoan.


Updatable delegation logic for a specific Governance token.


Contract listing all deployed PalPools & PalTokens and checking their current status. It is also handling the Paladin Liquidity Mining system

Interest Module

Calculations of Utilization Rate, Borrow Rate & Supply Rate for Pools

Address Registry

Contract to fetch the address of the different PalPools, PalTokens (ERC20), the Controller & the PalLoanToken (ERC721)