Paladin is a DeFi ecosystem of governance protocols and markets that unlock the value of governance.

To enable every stakeholder in DeFI to participate how they want, Paladin builds solutions around governance power. These solutions are designed to strengthen the underlying DeFi protocol by leveraging the token’s voting power or utility while creating value for token holders.

  • Paladin's flagship product, Quest v2, represents a pioneering method for boosting voting incentives across a variety of decentralized exchanges including Curve, Balancer, Bunni, and F(x) Protocol, with plans to expand to other DEXs.

  • The Autovoter by Paladin optimizes voting incentives for holders of vlCVX, vlAURA, and vlLIQ, claiming to deliver the most competitive yields available for governance tokens.

  • Warlord, a novel governance index, allows users to leverage vote incentives within the Convex and Aura ecosystems while managing CVX and AURA positions automatically.

  • Paladin Lending enhances decentralized finance by facilitating voting pools for prominent protocols like AAVE and Uniswap.

  • Dullahan, a specialized vault, generates passive income for stkAAVE holders and offers GHO borrowers reduced interest rates, positioning it as the best option for minting GHO.

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