Voting for Quests

Head to the Quest page on Warden to browse active Quests.
If you’re a vlCVX or vlAURA voter you’ll see a section to delegate to Paladin and have your voting optimized across all incentives platforms. This is great for voters who want to passively earn their rewards.
Underneath you’ll see the date and time of each voting round relevant to the ecosystem. Below you can find active Quests to vote on. Voters can capture incentives as long as the completion isn’t 100%. If there’s available space, you can earn the fixed reward stated on the Quest card.
(Note: Quest creators can impose restrictions against voters. Check under “Eligible Voters” to know which groups are eligible for rewards. Creators can also blacklist individual addresses. Check for these on the expanded Quest page).

veCRV and veBAL Voters

To vote for the Quest, you must make sure your voting power is available and that previous votes are removed from their gauges (there's a 10 day cool down between each vote in the Curve and Balancer gauge).
Voters can split their votes, and vote for multiple Gauges (and get rewards from multiple Quests) at once, by setting a smaller weight for each Gauge (ex: to vote for 2 Gauges, you can set 50% Vote Weight for each Gauge). Or you can set your gauge vote to 100%.
Once you vote on a Quest your vote is set to the gauge for each new weekly period, until you reset it. That means you only need to vote on a Quest once to secure your position and receive rewards during the total duration.

vlCVX and vlAURA Voters

To earn rewards from Quest you can delegate to Paladin, or vote manually on the Convex or Aura Snapshot space. When voting manually, you can distribute your voting weight across gauges. Rewards from Quests are always proportional to the share of voting power you set to the gauge. The results of your vote won’t be recorded in the Quest progress until the end of the Snapshot. This is because the vote needs to be done on-chain before it can be counted for reward distribution.
If you wish to remove your delegation permanently, you can do so at