Vote for a Quest

To vote for a Quest, and start earning the rewards, you must first browse through the current active Quests.
Open the Quest you wish to vote for
To vote for the Quest, you must make sure your voting power is available and that previous votes are removed from their gauges (there's a 10 day cool down between each vote in the Curve Gauge)
To confirm how much available voting you have, check under "My veCRV" under Gauge Weight Vote on the Quest page.
Once your voting power is available, go to, select the correct Gauge (the Gauge linked to the Quest), and vote for it.
Voters can split their votes, and vote for multiple Gauges (and get rewards from multiple Quest) at once, by setting a smaller weight for each Gauge (ex: to vote for 2 Gauges, you can set 50% Vote Weight for each Gauge).
Once your vote transaction is executed, you become eligible to the Quest rewards.
To continue accruing rewards from the same Quest, it is not necessary to vote every time your voting power is available, the 1st vote made to the Gauge will not be removed until you reset your vote, allowing you to receive the rewards during the total Quest duration.