Create a Quest

Before trying to create a Quest, make sure the reward token you wish to use is whitelisted, and that the Gauge you wish to set rewards for is correctly listed in the Curve Gauge Controller. You can check for these in the Quest creator page.
To create a Quest, the following parameters are needed:
  • The Gauge to be incentivized
  • A reward token (ERC20) that voters will receive (the ERC20 must be whitelisted before being used as a reward token)
  • The objective, or desired amount of votes for the Gauge
  • The reward budget for 1 vote (or 1 veCRV)
  • The duration of the Quest, in weekly periods
Once you have those parameters prepared, go to the Create Quest page on Warden, and fill out the creation form.
The cost of a Quest will be defined by your needs
You'll need to approve the reward amount and then create the Quest. After you can monitor the state of your Quest by going to the Quest page in Warden and opening the admin tab. From the admin tab you can make 2 types of modifications during an active Quest, Increase Budget and Increase Duration. At the end of the Quest, if there are any reward tokens left over from an unsuccessful objective, you can reclaim the unspent tokens.